PhD student and Graduate Research Assistant

  @ CSE at The University of Texas at Arlington

 Research Interest: Software Engineering and Security

 Research Supervisor: Dr. Christoph Csallner and Dr. Taylor Johnson




Senior Software Engineer at ZS Solutions Ltd • I led a small team of developers who love writing asynchronus webapp back-ends using Tornado, Celery, SQLAlchemy and other Python artifacts.

Software Engineer at REVE Systems • I developed and managed back-end applications for VoIP products using Java SE/Java EE technologies.

I graduated from BUET earning a B.Sc. in Computer Sc. and Engineering at 2013.

Aplogies for this informal-looking website! I tried to avoid wordiness and organize contents that do not hurt eyes.

Open Source

I am open source enthusiast and promote Open Web Technologies. Voluntarily contributing as Mozilla Representative by educating, promoting and talking at tech events.

I write and translate JavaScript and HTML5 docs at Mozilla Developer Network. I used to review apps at Firefox Marketplace.

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